The conference chairpersons, along with the entire team cordially invite you to submit your latest original and unpublished research work/results in the field of Microwave Absorbing Materials. The upcoming conference to be held on August 24-25, 2022 at National Institute of Technology Patna, Bihar(India).

Topics covered (but not limited to):

      1. Electronics & Instrumentation
      2. Radar and Microwave Absorbing Structures
      3. Stealth Radomes and materials
      4. Microwaves and MM-Wave for Target Detection & Identification
      5. Electromagnetic Interference Shielding in Communication Devices
      6. Microwave Measurements with Distinct Commercial Applications
      7. Signal and Image Processing
      8. Microwave and Optical Fiber Communication
      9. Electro-optics system and processing
      10. EM Wave Radiation Effect
      11. MEMS, NEMS design and Technology
      12. Systems-on-Chip (SoC), Heterogeneous & Homogeneous MPSoCs
      13. Antenna Design for Communication Systems
      14. Stealth Drone and Anti-Drone
      15. Information & Communication Technology
      16. IoT, Sensor Networks, Computer Vision and Applications
      17. Special session of materials for Miscellaneous Applications

The conference is open to all those interested from academic, non-academic organizations and industry persons.